EMS Style Cap Frame

The “EMS” Style Cap Frame. The leader in the industry for superior hold and exceptional registration for over 10 years.

The EMS / HoopTech Cap Framing Gage is the easiest most consistent way to prepare a finished cap for sewing. Its patented “T” Bar stretcher allows the experienced embroiderer as well as the novice, to frame up and sew a cap with a confidence level that other cap frames only dream of.
The EMS/Hoop Tech Cap Frame will simply hold the front two panels of a finished cap better that any other cap frame.

With it’s three point gripits, (sweat band + both sides of the front panels) it locks the backing and fabric tightly in place for the best registration possible.

The patented “T-Bar” Framing Gage stretches the material flat with ease before clamping it in the Cap Frame.

TBAR Framing Gage Instructions

The EMS / Hoop Tech Cap Frames are built tough to stand up to day to day production use. The heavy gage stainless steel construction will give you years of service. The EMS / Hoop Tech Cap frame design allows for variation in cap size, shape and material thickness. When used with the Hoop Tech patented “T”-Bar Framing gage, framing a finished cap becomes as easy as 1-2-3.

Cap Frame-TBAR Framing Gage
Click here to watch a video demonstration of "How to frame a cap"
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