Hooptech offers a variety of accessories for the industrial embroidery industry including cap frames, clamps, machine stands, and much more.

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The GEN 2 from Hoop Tech is the next generation HTP style cap frame. Originally called The Dream Frame, the GEN 2 was redesigned to allow sewing closer to the bill than ever before.

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Why waste so much time when you don’t have to?
Why put up with products that cause you to work harder than you already are?

At Hooptech Products we have what you need for more efficient embroidery and we can show you how to do it.


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We know how frustrating it can be to throw away hats because they lost registration. Breaking needles? Or what about training new teammembers on equipment that’s difficult to use? The frustation of hooping and rehooping a hat 5 times? We have been there!

Our customer service team can help guide you through the entire process. They have experience with all machine types and will make getting started a breeze.

Improving your systems and processes will help your business grow. Join all the satisfied customers out there that have experienced these products. They will cut out the frustration of embroidery. They will help you and your team be more efficient in this area of your business.


Our pieces are designed to work with many different machine makes and manufacturers
including Brother, Barudan, Melco,  Happy, Tajima, Ricoma, ZSK

We pride ourselves on supporting local business. All of our parts are locally sourced and manufactured here in Cincinnati Ohio

We’ve been serving the embroidery market for over 20 years. Our products are built to LAST.


HoopTech Gen-2


HoopTech Compact Back of Cap Clamp


HoopTech Slimline


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I’ve been struggling with the conventional cap frame that came with my machine for years. Recently I purchased a gen 2 cap frame from Hoop Tech. What a game changer! In my opinion all embroidery machines should come with this devise from the factory. Registration is perfect, handles higher speeds and less or almost zero needle and thread breaks. Thank you Hoop Tech!

You cannot go wrong with the Hoop Tech Products cap frames! They are easy to use and offer a larger sewing field. You will save both time and effort using them. Since their purchase, my hats look better, have larger logos and fonts and have extremely happy clients! Thank you Hoop Tech! I have even posted a video on my own page!

Hoop Tech has excellent service and help…love their products! They make life so easy.

After years of struggling with the hat hoop that came with my machine, I ordered the Hoop Tech hat hoop. Absolutely fantastic! The overall design allows for much faster and easier hooping and a larger sewing area. Super, super product!