The EMS / HoopTech Cap Framing Gage is the easiest most consistent way to prepare a finished cap for sewing. Its patented “T” Bar stretcher allows the experienced embroiderer as well as the novice, to frame up and sew a cap with a confidence level that other cap frames only dream of. The EMS/Hoop Tech Cap Frame will simply hold the front two panels of a finished cap better that any other cap frame. With it’s three point gripits, (sweat band + both sides of the front panels) it locks the backing and fabric tightly in place for the best registration possible. The patented “T-Bar” Framing Gage stretches the material flat with ease before clamping it in the Cap Frame.

The EMS / Hoop Tech Cap Frames are built tough to stand up to day to day production use. The heavy gage stainless steel construction will give you years of service. The EMS / Hoop Tech Cap frame design allows for variation in cap size, shape and material thickness. When used with the Hoop Tech patented “T”-Bar Framing gage, framing a finished cap becomes as easy as 1-2-3.

Gen 2



The GEN 2 from Hoop Tech is the next generation HTP style cap frame. Originally called The Dream Frame, the GEN 2 was redesigned to allow sewing closer to the bill than ever before. And it is the easiest cap frame that we have ever made to frame all styles of caps, even visors!

T-BAR Framing Gage


The EMS / Hoop Tech T-BAR framing gage is the first step to properly framing up a finished cap. The T-BAR Framing Gage featuring the exclusive T-Bar Tensioning Arm, allowing the embroiderer to stretch the front panels of the cap against the top of the gage so that when the cap is clamped by the cap frame it is held in the ideal position for sewing. The framing gage with its lever arm, gives the cap framer a 10 to 1 mechanical advantage when getting the cap to lay flat before sewing. This saves a great deal of energy when framing up large orders. Only Hoop Tech has the patented Tensioning Arm.

Back of Caps


Compact Clamp for Cap Backs is the easiest and fastest way to frame up a cap back.

The extra large sewing field with locating points for centering, makes it easy to sew low across the cutout or high on the cap crown for those large design requests. The easy to use patent pending single lever cam locking lever quickly clamps the cap and backing in place and you’re ready to sew. 

Cap Side Clamps


Heavy Duty Rail Mounted Clamping Window for sewing the left & right side panels on a cap without a driver.

The Cap Side – Flat Clamp was designed to hold the left or right side panels on a finished cap. The specially formed top clamping window allows clearance for the bill and the stainless spring steel sweat band retainer is out of the way so that you can sew right along the bottom edge of the cap. The single cam lever, opens – closes and locks the clamp.