Since the introduction of the first tubular clamp in 2000, EMS/Hoop Tech has been designing & building clamping systems for the Embroidery Industry. The ICTCS series clamp has been a favorite since 2001 because it’s quick and easy to install on your machine. The SLIMLINE & PR-600 series with it’s low profile, safely fits under the needle bar and has the most window size options. The INDUSTRIAL CLAMPS are special application clamps used by high volume producers of personalized items and specialty products.



For embroidering on everything from baby clothes to luggage.

Rail mounted Clamps with window sizes ranging from 2” round up to 12”X 9”. Designed for singlehead use (but in some cases the sllimline 1 can be made tubular) .

The Slimline Clamping Systems are the lowest profile embroidery clamps on the market. The patented low profile design is only 1” high so it fits easily under the needle bar throughout the entire range of machine movements. The flat spring steel clamping arms maintain pressure on fabric and backing through a wide range of fabrics and thicknesses.

There are two Clamping Chassis sizes available for the Slimline Series of embroidery clamps, each with a set of available windows to fit the two different chassis sizes. The SLIM LINE clamps mount to the drive bar of your embroidery machine using the same mounting holes that mount the tubular arms for your plastic hoops. Mounting adapters specially designed for your machine type and size are attached to the chassis and then the assembly attaches to your machine. Hoop Tech manufactures mounting adapters for all major industrial size machines as well as smaller machines such as Brother PR & Baby Lock machines.



The InterChangeable Tubular Clamping System has interchangeable windows and is used primarily for MULTIHEAD APPLICATIONS.

All of the ICTCS Clamps use a spring loaded clamping chassis to hold interchangeable upper and lower clamping windows. These windows clamp the fabric and backing between the upper and lower windows and hold the fabric in position during sewing. The ICTCS chassis/window assembly attaches to the embroidery machine using the same tubular arms that support regular plastic embroidery hoops. Adapter arm styles are available for nearly all major industrial embroidery machine manufacturers and machine types. If you are currently using plastic hoops, then chances are that we have an ICTCS clamp that fits your machine *.

Each size ICTCS Clamping System (1-2-3) has a number of window sizes available that are exclusive to each size clamp. These window sets, (upper & lower) are easily and quickly changed without any tools. Loosening a single knob releases the bottom window from the chassis base, and the top window is released from the clamp top pins by gently spreading the support arms. The changeover takes less that a minute.



Rail Mounted Clamping System Designed to fit on Brother PR600 / 620 / 650 / 1000 and Babylock models.

Clamping System Features

  • Single lever opens, closes and locks the clamp.
  • (2) interchangeable window sizes to choose from.
  • Mounts directly to machine drive bar for positive attachment.
  • All metal construction, powder coated aluminum & stainless steel.
  • The clamp automatically adjusts to different fabric thickness.
  • Clamping action does not leave “hoop burns”
  • Clamp stays on the machine while loading and unloading.


Expand your product offerings and stay ahead of your competition!

The Slim Line “Persona” Clamping System is a redesigned version of the very popular Slim Line -1 with a compact chassis and new window shape. The Persona package includes, a new chassis with adapter and (4) window sizes. 7 x 6, 4.5 x 4.5, 3.5 x 5.5 & 2 x 2.

The Slim Line Persona is the perfect choice for embroidering smaller difficult to hoop items such as purses, back packs and small totes.

Industrial Clamping Systems


Rail mounted INDUSTRIAL CLAMPS for high production applications.

EMS Hoop Tech had been designing and producing specialty clamps for the embroidery industry for many years. Our industrial customers include some of the largest and most well known names in the embroidery business. Typically large format personalization is time consuming to hoop, but large format industrial clamps, both air actuated and manual, make the task fast and easy. And the training period for inexperienced operators is short.

Most large format INDUSTRIAL CLAMPS are designed with a specific family of products in mind, but the large windows and superior clamping make these clamps adaptable for many applications.