Rail mounted INDUSTRIAL CLAMPS for high production applications.

EMS Hoop Tech had been designing and producing specialty clamps for the embroidery industry for many years. Our industrial customers include some of the largest and most well known names in the embroidery business. Typically large format personalization is time consuming to hoop, but large format industrial clamps, both air actuated and manual, make the task fast and easy. And the training period for inexperienced operators is short.

Most large format INDUSTRIAL CLAMPS are designed with a specific family of products in mind, but the large windows and superior clamping make these clamps adaptable for many applications.

Clamping System 15x5


The large window size makes it ideal for large designs on towels, chair covers, blankets, quilts, and other large items.

The 15” x 5” Air-Actuated Clamping System uses shop air to open and close the top clamping window, all with a foot actuated peddle. This frees up the operators hands to load and position the garment or fabric quickly and accurately. The Double “U” frame configuration stretches and clamps the fabric all in one motion.

Manual Clamping System 15x7


Use the large window size for large designs on towels, slip covers, blankets, duvets, and other large items.

The 15” x 7” Manual Clamping System is similar to the 15 x 5 Air Clamp except that it is manually actuated. It uses the same Double -”U” clamping frame configuration as the 15 x 5 but has (2) individually activated clamping levers to open and close the clamping frames. The over center locking mechanism makes it easy to engage and load the clamping spring arms.

Twin Arm Adjustable Clamp


The TWIN ARM Adjustable Clamp was designed to sew on heavy canvas bags.

The air-actuated clamping arms are self contained clamping units that can be adjusted along a mounting adapter bar to accommodate different sizes of canvas bags. The clamp opens and closes with a air actuated foot pedal or switch, freeing the operator hands to load and position the bag. The clamping arms include locating notches to help position the bags at the proper height.