Why use a clamping system?

Get rid of those traditional hoops and elevate your embroidery! These clamps are so easy to use you’ll wish you did it sooner. They can do thicker items (think saddle blankets), can clamp over zippers no problem, and won’t leave behind any hoop burn.

Choose from two sizes.Slimline

Mounts directly to machine with an adapter bracket. We make brackets for all major industrial machines including but not limited to Barudan, Melco, Tajima, Ricoma, Toyota, Highland, Happy, Prodigi, ZSK, SWF, Meistergram, and more!

If you have a Brother PR or Babylock machine click HERE

Slimeline 1

Slimline 1

Rail Mounted Clamping System

The Slim Line 1 is the lowest profile clamping system available on the market. With 9 window sizes available, from 2”round to a 6”x 5” rectangle. The Slim Line 1 is a perfect choice for embroidering smaller, difficult to hoop items like purses, lunch bags, knit caps, Christmas stockings and many other items.

Slimeline 2

Slimline 2

Rail Mounted Clamping System

The larger Slimline clamp boasts a 12X9 window, as well as 6 small options. This clamping system holds windows that range from 6.5X6.5 to the largest at 12X9. Easy to use and very versatile, these clamping systems make embroidery easy!